CnPack Open Source Projects - CnPack Working Report in 3rd Quarter 2005
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CnPack Working Report in 3rd Quarter 2005

CnPack Open Source Projects 2007-01-14 12:16:08

CnPack Working Report in 3rd Quarter 2005

    Below are the archievements of CnPack in the 3 month of 3rd quarter in 2005:

1. Our product CnWizards upgrated to 0.7.9 with the changing list:

    I. Add highlighting for bracket matching in Editor. Add Insert Color and Collector Tool in Editor Wizard.Add Project Backup in Project Extension Wizard. Add MSDN 2005 support. Add Uses Cleaner.
    II. CnWizards supports Delphi 8/Delphi 2005 with some limitation.
    III. Other bugs fixed..
2. CnMisFrame Stopped.

3. New official version of CVSTracNT(1.2.0) published.

4. CnDebugger is improving.

5. Code formatter is in development but almost paused.

    Below is the plan of CnPack for next quarter:

1. Continue to fix the bugs and do the function improvements for CnWizards. Continue to publicize CnWizards to home and board.

2. Continue to develop code formatter.

3. Continue documentation.

4. Continue to build the CnPack team.

To our members: Be more initiative and active for communication and taking part in our work.

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    CnPack Mailing List:
    CnPack QQ Group:     359682
    (Note: Mailing list and QQ group are only used by CnPack Members.)

    Let's do it well!

                               CnPack Administrator: LiuXiao, JinYu Zhou

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