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CnPack Agreement License

CnPack Open Source Projects 2007-07-18 13:50:06

CnPack Agreement License

CnPack products are copyright 2001-2007 by CnPack Team and several other authors who have submitted their code for inclusion. This license agreement only covers code written by CnPack Team. You should contact the other authors concerning their respective copyrights and conditions.

The rules governing the use of CnPack and the CnPack source code are derived from the official Open Source Definition, available at The conditions and limitations are as follows:

1. Usage of CnPack binary distributions is permitted for all developers.

2. You may not use the CnPack source code to create and distribute custom versions of CnPack under the 'CnPack' or other CnPack products' name. If you do modify and distribute custom versions of CnPack, the binary distribution must be named differently and clearly marked so users can tell they are not using the official CnPack distribution. A visible and unmodified version of this license must appear in any modified distribution of CnPack products.

3. Custom distributions of CnPack must include all of the custom changes as a patch file that can be applied to the original source code. This restriction is in place to protect the integrity of the original author's source code. No support for modified versions of CnPack will be provided by the original authors or on the CnPack website, bbs or mailing lists.

4. CnPack source code can be used in Open Source projects without informing CnPack Team. All Open Source works derived from CnPack must be distributed under a license compatible with this license and the official Open Source Definition, which can be obtained from

5. You may not use the CnPack source code to develop proprietary or commercial products including plugins or libraries for those products without CnPack Team's formal authorization. If you need the authorization, please contact CnPack Team.

Please note that CnPack Team and the other contributing authors hereby state that this package is provided 'as is' and without any express or implied warranties, including, but not without limitation, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. In other words, we accept no liability for any damage that may result from using CnPack or programs that use the CnPack source code.

If you have questions about this license, please contact CnPack Team.

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